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Pumpkin Face SVG Freebie – Great for making some cute little Jack-O-Lanterns!

October means pumpkins, leaves, and cooler weather?

Here it is already October. I know it is cliché , but time really does go by so fast. I feel as though I just posted with the full intention of getting so much extra time to post so many good things in the past month. And yet, it is October. 

Time for pumpkins. Time for cooler weather and fall. Here in San Antonio, it means, it actually goes below 80 some mornings, yippee! I have been working hard on a lot of projects. Especially the never ending project of being a mom with a lot of chores to keep up with. Laundry in heaps. The dishes are dirty again? My family wants to eat every… single… day…?! 

In the midst of this, I remember that GOD IS GOOD. That has become my current mantra. Take a moment, thank God for your breath of air. Thank Him for all that is good. Forget the to do list and just enjoy this minute of life. 

Maybe you will get to build a memory carving pumpkin faces this year. Or maybe, that is simply too much for you right now. That’s okay too. If crafting is calming for you, I have some perfect little jack-o-lantern faces for your pumpkins!

Have a fabulous October! I hope you make some wonderful things with these cute jack-o-lantern pumpkin faces!

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