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Christmas Tree Time – SVG Freebie

I am back. After a long hiatus from my blog, I feel as though my life is once again in a place where I can spend time posting to my blog, and doing what I love – designing new SVG files for you! Perhaps a glut of Christmas svg files, since December is fast approaching!

Perhaps you clicked on a Pinterest image with these cute little wooden Christmas trees, or you stumbled here by accident. However you came to be clicking around my site, welcome! If you haven’t been here before, allow me to introduce myself. I am Kristin, a lover of creating, wife of an actuary, mother to three beautiful young daughters, and a math and programming enthusiast too.

Likely the 3 biggest reasons I have not posted for so long!

I have a big yellow laser, which I love. My poor Silhouette Cameo has been gathering dust in the closet as I have a new favorite in the house (or rather garage). I have pulled it out for vinyl a few times, but I think I am overdue for a Cameo project, so let me know if there is a file you are dying to see and maybe I can make it happen!

My big yellow laser in action!

Christmas trees are so versatile in crafting, so I am putting a few Christmas Tree Designs out here for you. These are the simple ones for you and your Cricut or Cameo, or perhaps your Glowforge and a wooden sign? These Christmas trees would also work great in vinyl on a t-shirt for your holiday festivities with the whole extended family!

Simple Christmas Tree SVG files for your Christmas crafting.

Download by clicking the button below!

If you like these, be sure to check out my 3D Christmas Tree files that I designed for 1/8″ material like Baltic Birch. For the trees in these photos, I used a green gel stain on the wood, cut them out, and slipped them together. As a bonus, you can slide them apart for easy storage!

Hope you enjoy these fun Christmas Tree SVG files. Let me know what else you want to see as I am always hunting for new ideas.

Don’t forget to check out my other Christmas posts. Merry Christmas in September!

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Snow is coming, I can feel it! In my hometown in Colorado there was a snow day today, but we have been seeing quite the balmy weather here in Michigan. It has been in the 50’s in December! Awesome! Although, I do like a white Christmas, so I am torn.

Etched Snowman Mugs

At any rate, this latest file is the product of a friend’s etched glass project. She wanted a set of etched glass mugs for a gift she was making and we thought this little snowman was just right for the job. I think her mugs came out very cute! And, as I hate wasting such nice little cuts, I stuck the leftover stencil insides on the window for a little seasonal cheer.

If you are curious about the etching, it is really fairly simple. You cut out a stencil on vinyl (or contact paper if you want to cheap out – it seems to work just fine for this). Apply your stencil to your glass object – in this case it was a rectangle with a snowman cut out of it. Leave the part you want etched blank, the stencil should cover what you DON’T want etched.


Apply a nice little layer of etching cream with a foam brush. Let it sit according to the directions on the bottle. Wipe off the excess (or put it backĀ into your bottle), and rinse. Be careful not to wipe the cream onto other parts of the glass or wash it off where it hits the glass outside the stencil if at all possible. Remove your stencil and admire!

Hope you like him and Merry Christmas!

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