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Free Father’s Day SVG Cutting Overlays for making your own Cards!

Well, Father’s Day is almost upon us again! Time goes by so fast it is hard to keep up with things!

Speaking of time, I don’t know if anyone actually notices when I have been absent for a while, but I have been. Sorry!

We have been moving. First, we moved from a large house in Michigan (Michigan has great prices on housing if you plan to be there a while). Then, we were then in a one room hotel room in Colorado for the summer with our two young girls. Then we moved into an apartment near my husband’s new job. Now, we are finally back in a house! Yay!

However, all that moving has put a serious cramp on my crafting and blogging time, so I apologize. I did however manage to make a new father’s day card overlay. My first was tool themed for my dad, then I made a fishing themed one last year, and now I present my gold themed overlay!

What does your dad like to do? I would love some inspiration for other overlays. Actually, I really like this collection of svg files. After all, a one cut and adhere card that still looks great is an awesome time saver!

Previous Father’s Day Cards

Take a look at the card I made a couple years ago. My dad was always fixing my toys, working on a project, or just being a handy man. He even built me doll bunk beds one year!

So, this is the card I made for him several years ago.

Father's Day Card

Last Year’s Father’s Day Fishing SVG Overlay

While I do not fish and no one I know fishes, these fishing images were just too cute. Plus, Father’s Day makes me think of dads and fishing!

So, for all of you with fishermen in your lives, this card overlay svg file is for you. I haven’t had time to test cut it out, so let me know if you run into any snags.

Check out this file and the blank template in this post.

Happy Father's Day


This year’s golf themed Father’s Day Free SVG overlay file!

Does your dad love to golf? Check out this new overlay. I think this one is cute too. Please make your father and awesome Father’s Day card.

Happy Father’s Day to all the great Father’s out there!

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7 thoughts on “Free Father’s Day SVG Cutting Overlays for making your own Cards!

  1. English is not my first
    What does SVG stand for?

    1. It stands for “Scalable Vector Graphic” – a file type that can be scaled with no loss in quality. This filetype is the standard for cutting machines and laser cutters.

  2. Thank you for the file. I have a silly question… I cut it but have no clue how to assemble?

    1. I just cut it out and glue it as an overlay on a card!

  3. Thank you so much for this file Kristin . I will attempt to make it for Father’s Day in Australia which will be this Sunday.

  4. Thank you for the free Father’s Day Golf overlay. my stepfather will even go golfing in the rain, nothing will stop him lol so even though I did have one made, I have to make this too. I am wondering, is there any way of obtaining the one you did with the tools, not free, I would purchase but I would love that for my husband, the man has every tool known to man, luckily he does use them when I need something done

    1. Hello Petra, thanks for stopping by. I am glad you can use the files! Actually, all of my files are free on this site and you should be able to download the tools overlay at It was the first one I made with my own dad in mind. Enjoy!

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