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Father’s Day Cardmaking with your cutting Machine!

Well, Father’s Day is almost upon us again! Time goes by so fast it is hard to keep up with things!

Previous Father’s Day Card

Take a look at the card I made a couple years ago. My dad was always fixing my toys, working on a project, or just being a handy man. He even built me doll bunk beds one year!

So, this is the card I made for him several years ago.


Father's Day Card

Now, I made a new version! Complete with a the bones of the template in case you want to make your own with a different Father’s Day theme.

Father’s Day Fishing

While I do not fish and no one I know fishes, these fishing images were just too cute. Plus, Father’s Day makes me think of dads and fishing!

So, for all of you with fishermen in your lives, this card overlay svg file is for you. I haven’t had time to test cut it out, so let me know if you run into any snags.

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day Template


Well, what about your non-fisherman father?

I have you covered! If you can think of a hobby or theme that he likes, put it on his Father’s Day Card! Just download the empty template and start loading it up with files relating to your theme.

Go ahead, go crazy! Just find anything you can that is adorable and relates to your theme. Size it, spin it, and put in place. That is all there is to it.

As a tip, just make sure that your images touch the inner and outer borders and then “union” the paths. Look up tutorials on this if you don’t know how to, or let me know if you really get stuck.


Happy Father's Day Template

Happy Father's Day Template

SVG Download        

Happy Father’s Day to all the great Father’s out there!

Download “Father's Day Fishing Overlay SVG”

Asset-1.svg – Downloaded 5727 times – 26 KB

And… be sure to check out my other SVG freebies!



8 thoughts on “Father’s Day Cardmaking with your cutting Machine!

  1. […] loves to fish so I found this free .svg on Kabram Krafts for Father’s Day, but thought I might try to change the wording from Happy Father’s Day […]

  2. OMGOSH, have I hit the jackpot. I made your fishing father’s day card. It came out perfect. I don’t know how you do this, but I sure am glad you do. Thank you so much for your talent and skill. And for giving me an SVG that I could just download and cut. It was so easy, even when I made it only 4 x 5 it cut perfectly. I can’t wait to try more. Thank you and God Bless.

    1. Awesome! I’m glad it cut out well, I don’t always have time to test them but my idea was to make very easy cards. I don’t always have time to fuss around with them. 🙂

  3. Thank you very much!

  4. Can you please tell me how to get Father’s Day svg to me Cricut?

    1. Hello Joan, thanks for stopping by! I do not own a Cricut, but I do believe that their software can handle SVG files. Download the files you want from my site using the “SVG DOWNLOAD” button, and then attempt to open them in your Cricut software. I found this article that may be helpful, or reach out to someone in the Cricut user communities.

  5. Thanks for the father’s day card template.

    1. You are welcome! Feel free to post an image of your cards if you end up making some. 🙂

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