Free Spanish Tile Inspired SVG Stencil Cutting Files

Happy National Tile Day!

Did you know that it was National Tile Day? Neither did I, until I was browsing around for inspiration. Apparently, today is the very first annual celebration of this newly designated National Tile Day. Tiles! Well, I really love tiles. In fact, making tile coasters is something that I have been doing for a while. Using travertine tiles and some cork, they can really come out quite beautifully. Just recently, I made a set for each of the households in our family for Christmas using vinyl and my Silhouette Cameo. Take a look:

While you can order these in bulk or pick them up at the hardware store, here is an Amazon link to tiles similar to the ones I used.









Anyhow, I thought I would find some beautiful images of tiles and make some new stencil svg cutting files. And so, I did just that. Here is the image I found for inspiration and tracing the free svg stencils.

Spanish Tile Set

Aren’t these tile gorgeous? While I have linked the picture to the photo’s origin, if you would like to instead use the free svg stencil files that I have made, just hang on. In due time, I will most definitely be making some new tile coasters with these designs. Color choice is going to be difficult though! Whenever I enact this fabulous plan, I will be sharing it here with you.

Spanish Tile Inspired Free SVG Download - Just click image for free SVG file download.


Here are the free SVG and PNG file downloads. Enjoy, and happy national tile day!


4 thoughts on “Free Spanish Tile Inspired SVG Stencil Cutting Files

  1. Hello!
    This is exactly what I was looking for! But I can’t download it, how do I get this SVG file?

    1. Hello Dora! You are not the only one with trouble finding the download, sorry about that. The image itself is the SVG file, so you can right click it and his “Save As”. However, for everyone’s sake, I also just updated the post with a download button. Thanks for stopping by!

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