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Free Spanish Tile Inspired SVG Stencil Cutting Files

Happy National Tile Day!

Did you know that it was National Tile Day? Neither did I, until I was browsing around for inspiration. Apparently, today is the very first annual celebration of this newly designated National Tile Day. Tiles! Well, I really love tiles. In fact, making tile coasters is something that I have been doing for a while. Using travertine tiles and some cork, they can really come out quite beautifully. Just recently, I made a set for each of the households in our family for Christmas using vinyl and my Silhouette Cameo. Take a look:

While you can order these in bulk or pick them up at the hardware store, here is an Amazon link to tiles similar to the ones I used.









Anyhow, I thought I would find some beautiful images of tiles and make some new stencil svg cutting files. And so, I did just that. Here is the image I found for inspiration and tracing the free svg stencils.

Spanish Tile Set

Aren’t these tile gorgeous? While I have linked the picture to the photo’s origin, if you would like to instead use the free svg stencil files that I have made, just hang on. In due time, I will most definitely be making some new tile coasters with these designs. Color choice is going to be difficult though! Whenever I enact this fabulous plan, I will be sharing it here with you.

Spanish Tile Inspired Free SVG Download - Just click image for free SVG file download.

Here are the free SVG and PNG file downloads. Enjoy, and happy national tile day!


UPDATE: At the time I made these, I hadn’t yet used them, but here they are in action. Grab a set of coasters from my etsy shop if you are so inclined too!