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Dolphin SVG Time. Plus, be sure to grab your animal alphabet file!

Dolphins and a Heart for Valentine’s Day

Dolphin Love

Welcome and happy February! Do you love dolphins? I had a friend growing up who loved all sea animals. We were landlocked in Colorado, but she loved them. She was a good artist too and drew lots of beautiful images of the sea and its residents. Dolphins are such graceful and intelligent creatures that it is easy to see why people love them.

Having just moved to San Antonio, I am looking forward to visiting Sea World sometime soon too. I think our three little girls will love it.

Someone stopped by earlier this month and asked for a dolphin image. Well, here you go! The idea was a good one so I thought I would whip something up.

Now, if only I were good at coming up with catchy little phrases for a card. Any ideas? There has got to be something about dolphins and Valentine’s Day cards somewhere.

Download your Dolphin Heart SVG Files Now!

Animal Alphabet SVG

While you are here, you ought to check out this awesome animal alphabet file. Due to my lack of good images in its original post, I don’t think it got the attention it deserved. So, I am providing those better images now!

Well, I sincerely hope everyone has a Happy Valentine’s Day. If you make a dolphin card, I would love to see it! Also, let me know what you think of the animal alphabet!

Dolphin Heart Files for Valentine’s Day