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Mother’s Day Free Card SVG and Sentiment

Happy Mother’s Day to all my fellow mother’s out there. (Don’t worry, if you aren’t a mother, we won’t ban you from crafting.)

Have you been crafting away during this time of quarantine? I have certainly been trying to, but three little girls have me running around doing things like feeding them, washing their clothes, cleaning up messes. I mean, the nerve. Just kidding of course, they are wonderful little people to have around but sometimes you just want to be quarantined alone!

On that same note, I certainly can’t be the only one who plays deaf when my children are running around the house shouting “MOMMMMM”. I figure they can get a little exercise before I reveal my top secret location. Mwhahah!

All of this, of course is super on topic as my freebie today is a a Mother’s Day card. Yay! Although, it is not a card that screams Mother’s Day, so you could definitely use it for other occasions. If you do, I would suggest not bothering to use the “Happy Mother’s Day” sentiment. Or do. I am not your mom.

Whew! Apparently I am feeling rather sarcastic today. Hopefully you are staying healthy and sane. Enjoy making this beautiful Mother’s Day Card.

While you are here, be sure to check out the Mother’s Day Card I posted way back when I first started this site. My images have come a long way since then, but the file is still super awesome as well.

And don’t forget the layered Mom file for another quick variation of a mother’s day file!

Goodness, I forgot to mention one super exciting thing. I cut this card out on my new super duper awesome laser! Yep. I got a laser. A giant yellow CO2 Laser. I have been eyeing them for a long time and it actually happened. And as a bonus, I figured out how to set it up and get it to actually work. I suppose it is my Mother’s Day gift for the next decade.

And now for the actual freebie. I have included a “Happy Mother’s Day” sentiment that I made to go with mine. I don’t like fussing with the little letters, so I welded it all together. That way, just one piece to cut and glue. Laziness for the win. Happy Mother’s Day!

5 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Free Card SVG and Sentiment

  1. I have tried several times to download your MOther’s Day free Card SVG and Sentiment. with no success. I keep getting your pumpkin faces svg? Can you help me? thanks

    1. Hello Debbie, it looks like it was pointing to the wrong file. I updated the link, it should be the correct download now. Thanks!

  2. Thanks for the free SVG; just what I was looking for!

    1. Hi, this download is for “pumpkin faces.” I looked on your Etsy site and did not see this one. Do you have this file somewhere else?

      1. Hello Laura, it looks like it was pointing to the wrong file. I updated the link, it should be the correct download now. Thanks!

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