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9 DIY Valentine’s Cards to Inspire You Today


Easy DIY Valentine’s Day Card Made with Minimal Supplies – kwernerdesign blog

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Do you want to make your own DIY Valentine’s Day Card? Well, Valentine’s Day is approaching rapidly! Therefore, you should start as soon as you can! Since time flies by so quickly, you should start now before it is too late. I would know. While I have lots of ideas, I have so little time.

So, take a look at these and make your own today. Then you will feel great and have something wonderful to give to a loved one.

While I have read a lot of these type of collection posts, this is my first time trying my hand at one so I hope you enjoy. All of these cards are very beautiful, and as a bonus, the rose overlay card has a free svg file too!

DIY Valentine’s Card Inspiration

Which is your favorite? Personally, I am excited to try the watercolor heart cards, as I have been very excited about water color these days. If you want to see what I have been up to, check out my Instagram Feed.

Simple or Elaborate?

First, using a needle and thread to make a simple but beautiful card with a little texture is a fabulous idea for a DIY Valentine’s Card. Or, if you don’t want to break out a needle and thread but love the texture, try the heart overlaying a bunch of pretty ribbons.

In reality, the DIY Valentine’s Day card with the rose overlay may be just my speed this week. Since it is just one overlay and the file is already made for you, it shouldn’t take long. All you need is a cutting machine, cut it out and slap in on a background. Done!

Lastly, I will say that the mini envelopes cards is probably my very favorite. But, as it looks time consuming, will probably not be getting made in my house this year at least.

What do you do for Valentine’s Day? Do you exchange cards, go for dinner, go on a romantic getaway, or do nothing at all? Wishing you lots of love this February.

Oh, and don’t forget to take a look at my past Valentine’s Day Creations!

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