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Earth Day – Download your free earth day SVG file now!

Earth Day!

Does anyone here do anything for earth day? Sadly, I really don’t. However, it was a great way to come up with new ideas for SVG files. This is just a quick trace of a nice looking silhouette of the globe. It would look great on a travel scrapbook page or perhaps on an Earth Day t-shirt!

Earth Day SVG Download in BLue

In case you are interested, this is the original clip art file! I didn’t change it much. First, I did a quick trace in Adobe Illustrator. Second, I simplified it and smoothed the corners just a tad. Lastly, I widened the top line a bit to make the finished product a bit more sturdy!


Earth Day Clipart




What have you made recently? Show me your projects, I love to see them!!


Earth Day SVG Download by Kabram Krafts

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