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Happy Valentine’s Day – A free SVG sentiment

February is almost upon us! I have had a long hiatus from this blog in these winter months, but I have really been wanting to post more free files and inspiring projects up here. Now, this might only be because I enjoy both the motivation it provides to my crafting as well as the joy I get from seeing people enjoy my posts.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

With Valentine’s Day approaching, I figured I would need a sentiment to go on the many (i.e. – maybe one) cards I will be making. I based this file on AdineKirnberg-Script font which I found free online. I added some hearts and connected it a bit, so hopefully it will cut well. If you try it out, let me know. I will share my finished Valentine’s Day Card when I get around to making it!

Enough introduction, here is the sentiment. As always, please use my files and downloads for personal use only.




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