February is almost upon us! I have had a long hiatus from this blog in these winter months, but I have really been wanting to post more free files and inspiring projects up here. Now, this might only be because I enjoy both the motivation it provides to my craftingContinue Reading

I absolutely love how these turned out! Our set of coasters had been almost completely demolished by our one-year-old and I knew my husband would appreciate some new ones. The natural texture and indentations in the tiles are really highlighted and enhanced by the design. My worry had been thatContinue Reading


Pumpkins & Fall Time Again Can you believe it is almost fall already? We saw some very warm temperatures this past week and it sure didn’t feel like September at all. The cooler temperatures will be nice, and it will be fun to rake up piles of leaves for myContinue Reading

Aren’t Elephants awesome? They are such elegant creatures, but yet so strong and mighty too. I rounded up some free images I found on the web and created some awesome cutting files! I am envisioning the elephants with the heart as an awesome note card or love note design –Continue Reading

Fireworks are just around the corner, so I thought I would turn my Inkscape experiments to something celebratory. Turns out that the clone tool is awesome! If I get a chance I may just write up a bit on how to clone and rotate shapes around a center. I haven’tContinue Reading

Father’s Day is Coming! My dad loves his tools! Here is a Father’s Day Card I made with a border of tools for him. I have included the free cut file with it, including the sentiment separately in case you want to add it to your own creation. Also, checkContinue Reading

Floral Stencil Cutting File

Okay, so this was just for fun. I really love exploring Inkscape! I was playing around and this is what I came up with. I think I will keep playing around, so look forward to some more files soon! Free Flower Cutting File Free SVG file download Please credit meContinue Reading

Cards for every Occasion Well, I know that these occasions have now passed for most of us, but I thought I would share what I came up with anyhow. I made a couple different Mother’s Day cards, and a graduation card for my little sister. I was very happy withContinue Reading

We recently moved into a new house, and I am afraid my walls are mostly still blank. I have an area of our main floor that I have been using as a command center to gather odds and ends, pay the bills, stash the printer, etc. Someday, it will getContinue Reading


Spring has Sprung! Sadly, that statement doesn’t yet ring true here – but I have high hopes. We have warm weather for the next week (and by warm, I mean above freezing) – so thesnow should melt soon! Perhaps we may start seeing green too. At any rate, I foundContinue Reading